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  Worried taxpayer - are you next on the Inland Revenue's list for an aspect enquiry or even a full-blown investigation? Or would you much rather learn how to avoid coming to their attention in the first place?    

HM Revenue & Customs enquiries & investigations


It could be you...!


Since most cases are carefully targeted by the Taxman, we advise how to legitimately avoid bringing yourself to their attention in the first place. However, there is also a random element to investigations over which you have no control - just to keep everyone on their toes.

Should an HM Revenue & Customs Inspector launch an aspect enquiry or full investigation into your tax affairs, rest assured we have long standing experience in closing them down quickly with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

If it transpires that you have underpaid tax we can also help you negotiate down any penalties that may be incurred.

  • A sympathetic ear to confide in
  • An understanding shoulder to cry on
  • Experienced hand-holding throughout the whole saga
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