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  Sophisticated-looking lady higher rate taxpayer keen to reduce her 40% income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax burden - she should contact Philip Day Ltd - Tax & Accountancy Services    

Higher Rate & Top Rate Taxpayers


Keep yourself in caviar and champagne by paying less higher rate tax, darlings!


Alas, you don't have to be earning a fortune to hit the 40% limit these days, never mind the 45% top rate threshold.

So, there is every incentive to maximise your available allowances and reliefs. We can advise you throughout the year so there is no shock when your tax bill arrives.

By pro-active planning, we can help you reduce the amount of income taken by the Taxman, without having to resort to expensive, risky & unproven tax avoidance schemes.

  • Direct, honest, sensible advice
  • Realistic & achievable planning ideas
  • Regular contact and updates - not just once a year!
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