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  Uninspiring dullard symbolising everything we loathe about the traditonal view of accountancy and tax experts    

About us


Accountants are boring, staid bean-counters? Think again...


We distance ourselves from such dullards because we are charismatic 'people-people'. Should you prefer to meet a social non-entity who talks to their shoes then there are plenty of other accountants out there that fit the Monty Python description.

If instead, you would like to discuss how we can really help you and your business, please contact Philip Day direct on 0773 668 1642.

Since 1989, Philip has worked with 'Big 6' international firm Coopers & Lybrand Deloitte, a local sole-practitioner firm and then mid-tier firm BDO Stoy Hayward (Tenon), before building up his own self-employed enterprise. The business became a limited company in 2003.

  • Friendly, direct and timely communication
  • Pro-active, relevant and commercial advice
  • Dedication to the principle of 'Keep It Simple'
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